Letter from the Chairman

The Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce is a community based group of businesses focused on helping businesses of all sizes succeed. I urge you to join if you have not already and share the message of the importance of membership with your friends and business associates. There is strength in numbers and we need that strength to assure that the voices of businesses, large and small, are heard.

Why join the Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce?

A strong and active local business community is good for everyone. Located in the heart of Fairfax County which includes the City of Fairfax, George Mason University, Fairfax Corner and Fair Lakes among many other vibrant business communities, the Central Fairfax Chamber is in its 55th year of serving local businesses. The Chamber offers a wide range of services including networking opportunities, business to business marketing and client introduction, education and legislative advocacy. The Chamber’s Board of Directors is comprised of not only local business leaders, but representatives of the Fairfax County Supervisors, Fairfax County and City of Fairfax Economic Development Authorities and The City of Fairfax providing a unique forum for addressing the concerns of local and emerging businesses.

Why now?

The economy continues to be very challenging and local businesses can recognize real advantages in working with other professionals and potential clients. Also, business activities such as marketing and education can be leveraged and improved by combining our resources through the chamber. The Central Fairfax Chamber offers these services in an affordable fashion across a wide range of topics to help businesses grow and prosper. Our partnership with the Mason Enterprise Center provides additional opportunities for education and business development.

Please join in getting the message out and help the chamber do the best job possible of representing our local business community!

Thanks and all the best,

Doug Church, Chairman